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Tragic of Cold Drinks on Teeth

While the summer is already here, what are you going to do to stay cool? It is obvious that all of us are tempted to grab an ice-cold drink or lemonade. These drinks have a combination of acid and sugar, which can harm your teeth. The sugar in the cold soda drink combines with the bacterias in your mouth, forming acid which attacks the teeth. Sugar in soda tries to combine with the bacteria in your mouth to form acid, which attacks the teeth. You may also find "diet" or "sugar-free" soda in the supermarket, thinking these will keep you healthy and do no harm. However, these drinks also contain their acid, which likewise can damage teeth. With every intake of soda drink, teeth are attacked by the acid lasting for about 20 minutes and start over again with the next intake.

How about sports and energy drinks? They do give instant energy in a can, but it comes with a cost. In the same way, as other sugar-loaded beverages, caffeinated beverages accompany a massive jolt of caffeine and a pancreas-testing 27 grams of sugar. And like traditional cola drinks, energy drinks are highly acidic, so they aren't good for tooth enamel. The only drink to hydrate your teeth is plain water, an option that that is always safe and never damaging the teeth. Another option you might want to consider is milk, which is also healthy for teeth.

Few Tips:

- It is not easy to stop drinking soda and energy drinks but you always make an attempt to reduce consumption which will improve oral health.

- Whenever you are having a beverage other than water, it's best to consume it with a meal and rinse your mouth with water afterward to reduce the level of acidity. The same should be applied fruit juices, diet soda, or an acidic drink.

- After consuming acidic food or drink, always wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing as the food and drink products soften the tooth enamel, and waiting for 30 minutes will prevent the erosion of tooth enamel.


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