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About The Dental Booth

Hi, welcome to The Dental Booth. Thank you for stopping by!

The Dental Booth is a spot to go where new thoughts and information can be figured out, the different paths available to you after graduating in dentistry. The Dental Booth exists to teach, support, and engage the dental experts to pick the correct professional ways in dentistry. A spot for the youthful dental specialists to get inventive with their clinical, research, and advertising aptitudes in dentistry. 

It is found by Dr. Shrushti Shah and Dr. Suyog Pote for dental students and professionals. With regards to turning into a dentist, this blog wants to help those of you who are only a couple of steps behind on your excursion, as we discover our path looking to those in front of us on ours. 

We hope The Dental Booth moves you to move in the direction you had always wanted, inspires you to attempt new and fun things, and gives you can do everything without trading off your wellbeing and satisfaction. Here's to being an amazing dentist!

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