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How does reflexology help with oral health?

Have you ever wondered how our teeth play a significant role in our daily well being? Yes, you read it right. We often neglect our oral health in comparison to our physical and mental health. And the only time we look after our teeth is when we suffer from pain.

Dental pain is often referred to as the most terrible experience. But have you ever thought, how you can reduce this tooth pain with a little massage over your palms and feet? Reflexology is a form of massage beneficial to treat pain, stress, illness, and anxiety. It involves massaging reflex points that are associated with different body organs and overall health. Recently it has been found that reflexology has been can a great for help dental patients in several ways. It can help with tooth pain. It can help with the pain that causes a headache or radiates into the jaw. Reflexology also partners well with massage therapy.

Although, Chinese reflexology does not replace proper medical, or in this case, dental care. However, it can play a leading role in helping the body get back in an energetic balance to heal itself faster. Chinese reflexology points for the teeth are located on the toes. The toes on the left foot correspond with the teeth on the right side of your mouth. The toes on your right foot correspond with the teeth on the left side of your mouth. Sometimes, the first push of the reflex point for tooth pain will make it hurt a little worse. However, after a minute or so, the pain should begin to go away. There are also points on the hand that are beneficial to relieve tooth pain. The backs of the fingers can also be massaged for pain relief.

Sometimes, mouth pain is so intense that it can cause headaches or pain in the face and jaw. Headaches can be relieved using several reflex points. The spot between a person's eyebrows can be massaged to relieve a headache. If a woman is not pregnant, there is a point between the thumb and index finger that can be massaged for headache relief. It is essential that this point not be used on an expectant mother as it can cause contractions. Jaw pain can be relieved by massaging the points on the face's side, even with the ear's top and middle. Pain can also be reduced by rubbing the ear lobe.

Nowadays, dentists have also been using reflexology methods to calm the patients during dental treatments. So the next time you experience tooth pain, try out these reflex points for immediate relief!


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