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Sailing through 5 years of dental college, and what next?

The first day when you land into the world of dentistry, everything seems to be unfamiliar, but clearly, it is just more than that. But you know that you are not alone and there are 100 more humans in your college feeling the same emotions. While you’re finally into pace with your new life as a dental student, your routine is usually doing up and down the stairs from the dental to the medical building. You start realizing how the next five years of college will be surrounding the 32 teeth when the use of carver is actually comprehended for carving the not so easy tooth structures. Somehow things start looking easy when you know the anatomy of a human body and furthermore, becoming acclimated to the smell of formalin. The first year of college doesn’t appear to be so horrendous unless you’re struggling with pricking yourself in Physiology and remembering the cycles and vitamins in Biochemistry.

The second-year brings in the real insight of how the technical and laboratory work of dentistry takes place. With the pre-clinical years, getting the perfect teeth arrangement or the excellent cavity preparation to complete the quota was the only goal.

The third and final year of dental college would only mean finding a patient in anyone and everyone you met. The essential skills you acquire are during these two years, be it convincing the patients to get treated or to be on time during the exam time. The correct way of predicting all the X-rays or may be struggling with the extractions without any complications. This moment is the time you realize what you will be actually doing as a dentist. Now fast-forwarding to the last year. When you’re into the final phase of dental college, that’s the internship; you realize how the last few years have passed by so quickly.

Dental college gave you an insight into how the world of dentistry is going to be in the upcoming years. However, when you see your friends from other streams with a secured job and earning tons of money already while you’re still trying to figure out the next option. That year your bubble of delusions breaks.

Well, I would say a big NO. It isn’t so difficult a path that you cannot figure out what to do next in dentistry?

As we see the most common options after graduating from a dental school is to either start with a clinical practice or go for a master’s program. While most of them are etched to this plan, some may take the road to a foreign country or a management program. But I would say, is dentistry only about these few options that can be preached throughout our lives?

Stay tuned for the next post. Happy reading!

What do after graduating BDS?


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Suyog Pote
Suyog Pote
Apr 03, 2020

Great job!

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