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Masters of Health Administration - MHA

Dental graduates often get confused about choosing between Masters of Health Administration (M.H.A.) and Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A) with Healthcare.

You can read more about M.B.A. in Healthcare in the previous post –

A Master of Health Administration offers a curriculum that revolves around business as it relates to the healthcare industry. If you are contemplating a career as a healthcare administrator, a health insurance administrator, a managed care analyst, or a healthcare consultant, an M.H.A. will give you the tools to succeed in these specialized roles. It includes a wide range of responsibilities that provides for managing finances, scheduling direct care providers, hiring and employee management, health information management.

The M.H.A. program curriculum includes human resources, health care delivery, finance, ethics, health policies, and business management. M.H.A. students become versed in health care scheduling, budgets, and laws. The course focuses on:

  • Health Economics

  • Financing and Management Accounting

  • Social Science Perspective in Health

  • Organizational Behavior in Healthcare

  • Epidemiology

  • Bio-statistics

  • Public Health Administration

  • Management of Clinical and Non-Clinical Services

  • Hospital Planning and Organization

  • Healthcare Analytics

  • Research Methodology

  • Health Insurance and Risk Management

  • Materials and Inventory Management

  • Ethics and Equity in Hospitals

  • Financial Management

  • Health Law

The opportunities that a Masters of Health Administration provide will be in some of the following settings:

  • Ambulatory Health Facility

  • Consulting Practice

  • Health Insurance Companies

  • Emergency Medical Services Facility

  • Medical Information Management

  • Medical Billing

  • Healthcare Firms

  • Pharmaceutical Management

  • Biotechnology Administration

  • Healthcare Clinic, Nursing Homes, Hospitals

  • Hospice

  • Public Health Organizations

  • Research Setting, Academic Setting

  • Rehabilitation Centers

Some of the colleges and universities providing Masters of Health Administration program in India are:

Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences -

St John’s Medical College -

King George Medical University -

There are various options for pursuing a Ph.D. in the Healthcare Administration sector, as well.

If you wish to pursue M.H.A. abroad, there are specific masters programs provided in different countries. Countries like Canada also offer postgraduate diplomas for Healthcare Administration.


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